Software download: LaserXL v20.02.02 (upgrade only) (zip)

Revised version of LaserXL software. Supersedes v20.02.01. This download will only install if an existing LaserXL installation is present. Before downloading this software, please ensure you have read and understood the relevant Software Release Note. Please note download requires user registration.

Additional information

Laser XL V20.02.02   Before downloading this software please ensure you have read and understood the relevant Software Release Note.   1) This upgrade is only for existing LaserXL users. It will only work with Renishaw XL-80 laser and not with ML10 lasers. Whilst you can download and save this upgrade, when you 'run' the installation if an existing version of LaserXL is not detected then the installation will fail.  2)  The installer will also check that the appropriate version of Microsoft.NET framework and Microsoft installer are available.  (the Microsoft components are not included in the download as they significantly increase the size of the files and time required to download and many users will already have them). If these components are not present when the installation is "run" then it will automatically try to connect to the internet to access current versions.  If the target PC is not internet connected (you are "running" the installation after disconnecting from the internet or have transferred the download to another PC without internet access)  then the installation will fail.    Alternatively, the required components can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft website at   Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Windows Installer 4.5   If this is likely to cause a problem then please contact your local Renishaw subsidiary who can provide an upgrade version including the additional components on CD.   CAUTION: Any software installation can give rise to operating issues due to local system architecture and existing operating procedures. Whilst this upgrade may offer additional features over your current version we recommend you follow your own corporate guidelines regarding software use before installation. This may involve contacting the appropriate I.T./Business Systems personnel within your organisation for guidance and assistance.          
Part number: A-9908-0301

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