Product bulletin: PBC1226 UCClite-2 - support of native interfaces (pdf)

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Product bulletin: PBC1226 UCClite-2 - support of native interfaces

When we explained our software structure plans in product bulletin PBC1040
(10th December 2007) and when we announced the launch of the UCClite-2 controller in PBC1179 (6th March 2008), we implied that the UCClite-2 would only be supported by a UCCserver (I++DME) interface.
We realise that not all application software packages have a completed I++DME interface available at this time, so we are extending our support of native interfaces to cover the UCClite-2 controller in our current V4.1 release of UCCserver software.
If you are operating with a native (COM) interface the basic motion commands will be available. The advanced motion control algorithms, which include profiled acceleration, are only available through the UCCserver (I++DME) interface.

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