Case study: Murrall & Lang - Renishaw calibration systems essential as ‘déjà vu’ hits rebuild specialist Murrall & Lang (doc)

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In 1989, Leeds-based Dana Spicer needed a large, heavy duty CNC machining centre, to mill, drill, and bore the ends of 2-metre long axle beams, for heavy off-road vehicles. The ideal machine, with a bed length of 5-metres, would allow pendulum machining, thereby increasing production. However, new machines of this type were costly and resulted in the company approaching rebuild specialist Murrall & Lang for a solution. Ten years later, it was ‘déjà vu’ for the Birmingham-based company, when it welcomed the opportunity to once again re-manufacture the machine, but this time employing the capabilities of Renishaw’s calibration and machine tool performance testing systems.

Part number: H-3000-1144-01