"Have you ever?" Renishaw Promotional Film 2013 (mp4)

A promotional short film, produced by Halo Films Ltd. The film is 1:45 in length and provides an overview of Renishaw. It starts by introducing end user examples of where Renishaw products influence individuals' lives and continues to show a a sample of the range of products and areas Renishaw operates in. Specific items within the short film in order of appearance: Aeroplane engine (0:03) Aeroplane flying across a blue sky (0:05) Ducati 749 (0:08) Two women smiling on a beach, with the sea in the background (0:11) Stars/Universe (0:13) Numbers counting up and down across the screen (0:18) Two Renishaw employees interacting with products (0:25) REVO scanning an engine (0:27) Close up of Equator probe inspecting a component (0:31) Encoder wire bonding machine (0:34) Machine tool probe (0:38) Neuromate (0:46) MRI scan shown in Neuromate software (0:55) Dental scanning machine (0:58) InVia Raman being used to analyse tablets (1:01) Inside AM250 while laser melting the frame for a miniature Renishaw balloon (1:08) MDL large scale scanning graphic (1:20) Renishaw employee looking into the InVia Raman microscope (1:24) Minature Renishaw balloon rising from the AM250 (1:28) Renishaw hot air balloon lifting off from Gloucester Rugby Club (1:30)

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